current version causing problems

I had an older version (1.2.6) that came with my Innovative Technology Turntable. I am running windows 10, and when I updated to current version, I am experiencing delayed functionality commands within Audacity and my screen starts flickering when I drop down to my start screen to change to my
“File Explorer” folder. Can anyone shed some light on what is causing this and a possible fix. I’m also thinking that my older version had a little better recorded sound, or is that a result of the problems I’m experiencing?

Just like you i have an older copy of Audacity that also came with my Record Player, i have it on both Win7 and Win10 computers, I just make digital files from old Vinyl records, and what i noticed is the older Audacity program will load quick when wanting to play a music file, but the New Audacity 2.3.3 program will be delayed 20 seconds till the upper buttons can be used.
Yesterday on my on of older computers i had up dated from Win7 to Win10 running the Audacity older program i was playing music files and when i tried to run a new music file Audacity would not appear on screen.

I removed the program and all related files from computer, and reinstall the older program but again it would not again work, so again i would remover the program and all related files, and i then installed the new 2.3.3 Audacity program it now worked but it is delayed 20 seconds.

This delay is on all my computers even a new HP computer, so i really don’t think it’s a computer issue I have asked this question on this Audacity forum but as of yet no one has taken the time to give me any type of an answer.

Probably I suspect because no-one can replicate this - I certainly can’t on my HP Envy laptop with W10 - 3 minute songs load almost instantaneously - I also just tested a three hour WAV file that I have and that still only takes a minute or so to load.

And I don’t think your issue is the same as the original poster’s here !


I am struggling to understand what precisely the issue is … :confused:


I am just guessing but maybe it’s really a problem with the older Ver. of Audacity, as i was told by others in forum, it’s best to use the 2.3.3 Ver. of Audacity.
As i just found out on my older HP DV6 for a while the older Ver. worked but then it stopped responding, and after installing the 2.3.3 it again works just loads slower.
I am thinking this delay of 20 seconds is normal.

So I guess that I’m not the only one experiencing the delay, but is anyone else seeing the rapid screen blinking/flickering if you move your cursor down to the start menu? Is it a processor speed problem on my laptop?

I don’t recall seeing other reports of that. It sounds as if it might be a video driver issue.
If your computer is branded, you could check on the manufacturer’s website to see if they have updated drivers for Windows 10.

I’m also facing the same issues sometimes :frowning:

Audacity 1.2.6 is obsolete and no longer supported.
The current version is 2.3.3 and is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Downloads

I feel it’s always best to use the newest Ver. of the program, 2.3.3 should now be used.

HI Audacity Folk,

Just a quick heads up on screen flickering issues. I downloaded the latest version (2.4.2) recently on my Dell Optiplex 9020 aio. I am running Windows 10 on this rig and found that I was getting a lot of screen flicker when using Audacity (and only Audacity). Although still usable, the program was constantly flickering with images of my home screen and what actually looked a little like electrical interference. Through the process of deduction and elimination it appears it may have actually been caused by a conflict with Microsoft Edge. After much experimentation I found that by removing Edge as my browser and replacing it with Firefox all issues were resolved and I am back in the happy saddle with Audacity…
Hope this perhaps helps out for those experiencing similar screen issues…

Thanks for sharing your finding… :smiley: