Current recordings won't export. Help please.

Up till today I’ve never had any problems exporting my original recording projects from Audacity to another place on my computer. It’s worked perfectly for many months. I usually make my live recording (vocal/guitar), leave it in the Audacity recording window, then press file, export, then a little box appears, I then fill the info in, then it exports to the place of my choice. Worked every time.

But today a “different” box appears after I press file/export, it’s larger and I have to fill in a “file name”. Before I never had to fill in a file name, and the recording project was just automatically chosen for export. This larger window seems to be for files that have been previously saved and have a specific file name.

As my recording is still in the Audacity recording window it has no file name.

In Audacity under "file’, I notice that I can’t click on “export selection” (a dead link), and can only click on “export”. I can’t recall which of those two I normally use … maybe I used “export selection” but for some reason it’s now a dead link.

How do I get the “little” box to appear again, the one that automatically chooses the “current project” on Audacity?

I have Audacity 2-0-5, use windows 7 and an Optiplex 780 desktop computer.

Problem solved.

All I had to do was “make up” a file name.

I still don’t know why Audacity suddenly uses a new export box. Maybe it should come with basic instructions.

I don’t know what’s changed in your setup… I don’t remember ever seeing a small Export Window…

I only get a default export file name if I’ve saved-named the project.

Export Selection should export the selected/highlighted part of the audio.

“Help menu > Quick Help” for a brief introduction to using Audacity.
“Help menu > Manual” for the full user manual.

Problem solved.

All I had to do was “make up” a file name.

:confused: Most people want to create a filename that makes sense to them!