Current MIDI support?

(Audacity 2.05, Windows 7 Professional)

What is the current level of support for MIDI on Audacity? The Wiki ( ) says that it’s buggy and experimental, but it’s also dated October 2008! I assume some work has been done on this since then??

What can Audacity do and not do with a MIDI keyboard? What kinds of problems and limitations should I be prepared for? Is there any special hardware I should plan to use to interface Audacity to a MIDI device? I’m not interested in playing music, per se, on the keyboard, but I want to use it to control Audacity plug ins, e.g., GSNap.

If it matters, the keyboard I want to use is a Yamaha P80 electronic piano.

Thanks in advance.

No work has been released.

Audacity can do nothing directly with a MIDI keyboard unless you record into Audacity from the keyboard’s audio or headphones output. Please see and .

So no, you can’t control pitch-tuning plug-ins using MIDI. You can record onto the P-80 file system in MIDI then convert the MIDI file to audio: .