Cue sheet question

I am trying to add song information to individual tracks on my gapless mix. I have found how to do on a cd. I want to do the same on a gapless mp3. I found a tutorial for using label2cue “cue sheets”. There is a part I don’t exactly understand. When I extract the labels does it extract the audio with the labels as one file? If not, once label2cue creates its file; how do I attach to the MP3 file to the cue file so it’s one in itself and shows and plays on compatible MP3 players?

Cue sheets are just text files that have information that some CD burning applications can use.

For MP3s you could use “chapter tags”, but note that these are not part of the MP3 specification and are not widely supported by MP3 players. Chapter tags are not supported by Audacity, so you would need to find another application for creating them.

iTunes can be used to create chapter tags for AAC files (I don’t know if it also supports chapter tags in MP3).

Do you now what app I would need to create chapter tags on MP3s. I will try the aac on iTunes to see how that works out. Thank you so much.

No idea. I don’t use chapter tags.
I would keep each MP3 as separate files, and use my MP3 player to create a playlist.

Thank you.