Crummy sound of input on recording

Just bought a new laptop with Windows 10. Downloaded 2.1.1. Used the mic in to record some music, however, the sound is very tinny and fades in and out. Also, seems to have some latency. The sound system is Realtek. The mic in works fine when I just pass the sound through the computer to external speakers. Tinny sound only in Audacity. Any help with what I need to do would be appreciated. I record music using an old version of Audacity on an old PC and it works fine, except I have problems with the computers speed. That’s why I upgraded to a newer more powerful laptop. Again, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like Windows “enhancements” which need to be disabled recording music, see …[b]troubleshooting.html#Why_do_my_recordings_fade_out[/b]

Thanks you very much. That seemed to fix the problem. Any ideas on the latency issue? I’ve been using an old version of Audacity on an old computer and had no latency that I could detect. Now with the new computer. cant play my keyboard directly into the recording without some delay. I’ll go explore settings, but anything to get me there directly would also help. Thanks again.

Just as a follow up, I don’t think my latency issue was a latency issue at all. Simply turned off “Play through software” switch, and everything worked fine. Sounds from my keyboard that I was recording lined up with the sound of previously recorded tracks. So I think I’m good to go. Since I was on a really old version, I’m looking forward to the advancements in this new version.