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Newbie, but I didn’t just register before spending some time trying to find some info and I know that Nyquists may have some plugins that provide a cross…, and this page would imply that crossfade is in proposal phase yet the instructions indicate that there is a Crossfade option under the Effects menu in Audacity.

These pages indicate a Crossfade option under the Effect menu:

It’s been some time since I last used Audacity, but I thought that Crossfade was relatively intuitive and easy to do.
I have version 2.2.2 installed on Mint and Manjaro and neither have a Crossfade option available under the Effects menu; surely it must be an oversight on my part, or is it an oversight on “Audacity’s” part?

Should there be a Cross… option under the Effects menu, is this a bug, am I going buggy - I assume that the cross… option must have been assimilated into another function.
Any insight would be much appreciated.

For context, I cut an eleven (11) minute song to seven (7) minutes; I simply want to transition from the first part of the song to the next part of the song, over a span of 2 to 5 seconds - the specific transition time is not even remotely essential.
I was unsuccessful using Openshot.

Speaking for myself in third person, thanks for the forum for him.

neither have a Crossfade option available under the Effects menu

Are you suuuuure?

I’m on 2.2.2 and Effects > Crossfade Clips and Crossfade Tracks are both available. But. They’re in the second blob of effects with my Mac built-in effects in the middle. If I didn’t know to scroll down, I’d never find them.


Your right, it’s under Effects>Plug-in 1 to 15>.
I did scroll down, and entered the options available, except the plugins, I had to scroll down to Wahwah… and looked in that option, but the instructions explicitly show:
“Accessed by: Effect > Crossfade Tracks…” , and “Accessed by: Effect > Crossfade Clips” but I can be pedantic or anal about following instructions as I often think the instruction are explicit, that coupled with a false consensus or assumption that others are pedantic too; but wasn’t it kind of assimilated into another Effect, i.e. wasn’t it previously immediately available from the Effect menu?

Anyway, thank you very much kozikowski for advising me to look in the other immediate Effect options, like I said, I looked all but those two.

I searched the web, but just kept finding “Accessed by: Effect > Crossfade Tracks…” , and “Accessed by: Effect > Crossfade Clips”, and the proposal threw me off a bit too.

Answered almost instantly, and again thanks a lot.

Answered almost instantly

You got lucky.

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