Cross panning?

Hello all. I have created a kind of doppler effect on a descending guitar note to emulate the sound of a passing motorbike (think Bat Out of Hell). What I would like to do is pan it from left to right, start to finish to give it some spacial depth. I have done this sort of thing before by manually panning during mixdown but I was wondering if there was a way to do it software wise? Thanks in advance.

What are you starting with? Do you have a mono file, a stereo file with one silent channel, or a stereo file with the same thing on both sides?

Hi. At the moment it’s just a mono file while I’m experimenting.

  1. Import the file into Audacity
  2. Duplicate the track (Ctrl + D)
  3. Apply a fade-out to the original track
  4. Apply a fade-in to the duplicate track
  5. From the drop-down menu of the upper track, select “Make Stereo Track” (see:

Now that is exactly what I was talking about! Just been tinkering around and it sounds fantastic! Many thanks!

Note that you can also use the “Adjustable Fade” effect if you need more control: