cross fading but mixing at same time

hi, Im new. I want to fade track one into track two so that they play over the top of each other whilst fading out and in. I used to do this in cool edit on my old pc. I was able to paste a new track alongside an existing track then highlight the last part of the first track and the beginning of the second track. Then from effects menu I selected crossfade and it would do the whole thing for me. I ended up with one track fading out at the same time as next track fading in. Is this possible in audacity? I noticed the crossfade function on the effects menu but when I try using it in this way it just fades each track out/in but does not mix the two? Hope you can help I have searched through the site but cant find this problem. Maybe its asking too much for this free software but thought it was worth asking. :confused:

This is not a question about the forum. If you say which version of Audacity you are using and what operating system (Win XP, Vista, Mac, Linux…) we can move it to the right place.

If you are not using 1.3.9 or later you should upgrade. There’s no easy way to do it on old versions of Audacity.

Ok, sorry if I posted in wrong place but I am new to this. I am running version 1.26 so guess I will upgrade. My O/S is Vista.

No problem - it just saves a lot of time if posts are in the right sections.
If you still need help after you have upgraded, start a new topic (in the appropriate part of the forum :wink: )

I have uypgraded but still none the wiser. Would you mind telling me which part of the forum I should post to? Thanks.

This is the forum index page:
Scroll down 'till you see “Audacity Unstable (1.3.x)” then look for “Windows”.
Click on the word “Windows” and you will be taken to the “Audacity Unstable (1.3.x) > Windows” section of the forum.
Then click on the “New Topic” button (near the top on the left).