Cross-fade clips

Just got the latest version with this feature. The cross-fade fails to cross-fade. It only fades out the first half and fades in the second. Wrong terminology isn’t it.

Try reading the pink panel at the top of the page and giving us that information. Latest version could mean 2.1.1 or 2.1.2-alpha and that could make a difference.

Try reading this Crossfade Clips - Audacity Manual. Did you notice that the track length is reduced after the crossfade?


For the moment I’ll just reply 2.1.1. Are you saying 2.1.2 changed it? I saw no offer of a 2.1.2.
I’m describing my result.

In this case, no. But I’m saying to save ambiguity, please always give all three version numbers (plus for alpha builds, the date that is part of the version string).

2.1.2 is not released yet, hence the -alpha designation. The -alpha builds are development builds between releases. Please see Nightly Builds - Audacity Wiki.