Critical Nyquist Files


I need someone to walk me thru this problem step by step and make it easy for 60 year old. I keep getting critical Nyquist file,Error opening project, and couldn’t find the project data folder. Please help

I’ve removed your email address because (a) we don’t have the resources to provide personal email support (b) its a bad idea to post your email address on a public forum, especially one as busy as this one, as it is likely to attract a lot of unwanted spam.

The problem is that you have not installed Audacity correctly. Audacity cannot be run directly from the DMG.
See here for how to fix the problem:

I followed the steps. It did not work.

Is there a video on you tude to help with the problems? I am not that tech savvy, but I’m trying very hard to be.

Not that I’m aware of.

Let’s take it step by step. Say where you get stuck:

  1. Double-click the downloaded DMG to mount it.
    The DMG window opens.
  2. Do not double-click the “Audacity” folder in the DMG window. Drag the entire “Audacity” folder icon to the /Applications folder icon on the right.
  3. Eject the DMG at bottom left of Finder.
  4. Launch from the “Audacity” folder in /Applications.

I did everything step by step. I drag the entire folder over to the application and click on the icon on the bottom left. A another box open. It said replace existing files(2). I click yes. I tried to open up a recording critical nyquist files popup

Will the tech person at the apple store help?

Now I’m just getting error opening Project and couldn’t find the project data folder.

I think I found the problem. Just to be sure check this for me( audacity error while opening sound device) in you tude.

Correction-Audacity Tutorial How to Save Audacity Project Fix a File that Will Not Open in youtude

How do I correct problem from here. It worked. How do I find the correct folder

Sorry you’ve lost me. Has someone helped you to sort out the problem? Do you now have a clean and correct installation of Audacity 2.1.2?

I went on you-tube click on Audacity Tutorial How to Save Audacity Project Fix a File that Will Not Open[/i] . I remove the blue folder that why it did not work.
Look at the video it is very helpful. How do I get the blue folders back on the desk top and what time do you close?

We don’t close. This forum is “staffed” by volunteer enthusiasts around the globe.

Where did you put the _data folder?
If you can find it, just click and drag it back onto the Desktop (assuming that the Audacity Project file (.AUP file) is on your Desktop).

That looks pretty clear, so I’ll add a link to it:
Audacity Tutorial How to Save Audacity Project Fix a File that Will Not Open
The information is also in the manual:
To open the manual, look in the “Help” menu.

I have to find many folders the tech guy at apple computer store (I guess they did not know) move the blue folders into another folder. I do not know were all the folders are, but it must be somewhere on the computer. Also, I not familiar with the language because I,m not a tech guy. It will take me longer to decipher the language in the manual. If possible, can the manual be simplify or can someone match it up with you-tube which help me( because I am a visual learner) with one of the blue folder left on the desktop that I put the audio file back under the blue folder. 30 more blue folders to find. P.S It becomes a critical nyquist file problem when you separate the blue folder from the audio file. Is there way to combine both together so this will not happen in the future, or rethink how to have one .aud file. It will make life much easier.

Do not interfere with any files or folders that were installed by Audacity or you may have to reinstall it.

There are not any .aud files.

If you want to open a project, File > Open… and select the saved .aup file. Do not open or change any .au files that you see buried within the _data folder for the project.

If you see an error when you File > Open… the .aup file, tell us exactly what the error says, word for word.

You take a risk watching YouTube videos about Audacity. Some are OK, some are factually wrong, or wrong because they relate to another version of Audacity than the one you are using. The videos almost never say what version of Audacity they are about.


I save all my files(recording files) and blue folders(which goes hand and hand) on the desktop-- the tech guy(Apple Store) moved them, because they were slowing the computer down. I just need to find the blue folders and put them back on the desk top so that the recording files can work if i’m using the correct term. I wrote in the emails Sunday what the problem were or I thought I said word for word check them please to see if I was using the the correct language , but good advice I do understand.

Please tell us what you are trying to achieve right now.

If you want to open an Audacity project, do the File > Open… then select the .aup file and “Open.” We want to know the exact text of any error message you see when you do that now. That will help us decide if you need to move folders or files, or not.

If you cannot see the .aup file you want, change in the open project dialogue to the folder where the .aup file is.

If you don’t know where the .aup file is, see

If you want to do something else than open a project, simply tell us what that something is.


I added screen shots. The critical nyquist files error does not show up anymore.
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.38.00 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.21.39 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.10.20 PM.png

Yes, keeping too many files and folders on the Desktop will slow the computer down.

Documents (and folders containing documents) should be stored in your Documents folder.
Applications (such as Google Earth, which I can see in your third screen shot) should be stored in the Applications folder.

Double-click “Macintosh HD” on your desktop. The window that opens is a Finder window.
At the top right of that window is a search box. Type “10-30-2013 Justino” into that search box and press the enter key. If a file or folder with that name exists anywhere on your computer it will be displayed.

The file “10-30-2013 Justino.aup” and the folder “10-30-2013 Justino_data” must be in the same folder. Move those two files so they are in the same folder, then double-click the “10-30-2013 Justino.aup” file and it should open. The error message displayed in your third screenshot has happened because the file you were trying to open from the “Open Recent” menu had been moved.

I notice in your first screenshot that you are having trouble with the “ATTY EDWARDS” file. In your third screenshot I can see the “ATTY EDWARDS.aup” file and the “ATTY EDWARDS_data” folder both on your Desktop. You should be able to double-click the “ATTY EDWARDS.aup” file and the project should open. If you still get the “missing blockfiles” error message that probably means that some files or folders inside the “ATTY EDWARDS_data” folder have been moved or deleted.

– Bill