"Critical Nyquist Files" (SOLVED)

I just installed Audacity. Upon opening the program, a warning popped up stating that “critical nyquist files could not be found…”
I went to the Audacity wiki to install nyquist plug ins, and decided there were too many to manually install. What are the “critical” files, and how can I easily get them? Thanks.

All important files relating to Nyquist should be installed automatically if Audacity is installed correctly.
What operating system are you using and how did you install Audacity?

Now I see what I did-
(I have a mac)
I ignored the installation instructions, and just dragged the audacity icon into the applications folder. I didn’t think I had to drag the whole folder into applications, but I guess it makes sense. The nyquist files must be in that folder, and following the instructions ensures that audacity knows where they are. I guess I shouldn’t ignore instructions. At least it works now. Thanks!