Creative Sampling and Technique

Hello Audacity users,
I am new to the program and was wondering if someone could give me information on how I can make sampling and sequencing an easier task. I am trying to
switch from using a physical sampler…

Is there an easier way than cutting and pasting directly onto the main screen? Or is there a GUI interface (or project/development) for newbs like me that could make the process more simple? Any help or similar techniques would be very much appreciated because.

Your post is a little vague, could you expand a little on what you want to do? I’m struggling to think of what you mean by “an easier way than cutting and pasting directly onto the main screen”. If you mean when editing samples, then you can batch process some actions but for the most part it’s a manual task. However, if you mean when sequencing samples, then that’s a bigger question. I use Audacity a lot to prepare samples, but I prefer to use other apps to actually sequence them as I use a combination of samples, recorded tracks and sequenced virtual instruments in my music. Other Audacity users, on the other hand, build entire arrangements in Audacity.

If you can expand on your previous working technique with hardware samplers, I’m sure we can make some suggestions for moving to the software side of things.