Creating Virtual Studios

About 10 years ago I discovered a small program that allows users to use pre-maid audio files and place them into a “virtual space” so that you can determine where exactly it sounds that each audio is coming from. I was wondering if any freeware programs today will do that? I would like to put together some nature audio that sounds 3-dimensional.

What program would that be?

– Bill

I don’t recall what the program was called. It might not have even been compatible on any OS beyond WindowsXP. lol.

See here:
The program requires RAW PCM audio, mono 16 bit 11025 Hz sample rate.
It’s open source, so if you know how to program you’ll be able to modify it to suit your needs.

I actually don’t know much at all about programming so I don’t know if I could use that. And besides I am looking for 3D sound. I want to place some audio up in the air and some at ground level.