Creating time delineated tracks- top ten

Hello Forum,
I’m looking for a way (perhaps macro code) to set Audacity to create 5- or 10- minute tracks. I use Audacity to record live auction audio and that extends for several hours. It would be nice to have bit sized chunks (perhaps named by System Time or Run Length of recording) so we can easily find audio record of the disputed lots. I would like to be able to review a track after it completes to manage disputes during the sale, so I’m guessing I’d need to create a new track, record, and save the old track.

I’ve used Excel VBA, but I’m new to Audacity macros. I see how this can be done with the rull recording (post-recording) but cannot figure out how to create these while recording.

I’m using Audacity 2.3.0 on Windows 8.0 (will soon switch to Windows 10, so if there is a difference, please consider just Windows 10 for a response).


cannot figure out how to create these while recording.

Audacity doesn’t do anything while recording.

OK, it has a timer, but I think that’s it.


I think surveillance-software is what you’re looking for, some is free, e.g. …