Creating Recording from 1,105 *_data files

Good Afternoon,

I have recorded successfully over 3 hours of a course that I am teaching. I know have over 1,105 small files (number sequentially) in a file which ends in *_data. I would like to compile four files in which I can eventually export to a MP3 file. How do I take the underlying *_data files and create a project file? A project file was created but it only contained the first 55 minutes of the course.

Thank you in advance for your help


Then you pretty much have a 55 minute show.

There’s no such thing as stringing all the additional AU files back together into a new show. The AUP file is created as the supervisory file to keep track of everything. If it can’t do that and you don’t know enough computer XML programming to write a new one, that’s pretty much the ball game.

Version 1.4 is supposed to be better at disaster recovery.