Creating multiple projects from one project

Audacity 2.1.2
Windows 7
I have an Audacity project that consists of 18 tracks (for guitar, bass, drums, etc.). Each track contains the audio for 32 songs. All the songs were recorded together. I made the Audacity project by importing the 18 .wav files.

I want to select the audio for each song from the 18 tracks (using Edit>Select>In all tracks and make that into one Audacity project. So I would have one Audacity project for each song, ready for mixing and mastering. I want to end up with 32 Audacity projects, one for each song.

I have searched the manual and help files and tutorials and can’t find how to do this. I don’t want to use File>Export Multiple… because that mixes the tracks into two audio tracks, which would not work. It looks like I might have to do this, however, an then import all the files for each of the 32 songs back into separate projects, one for each song. Export>Selected audio doesn’t create a project, but mixes everything into other formats (like MP3).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

I assume that you have plenty of free disk space (you will need it).

First, make a backup copy of the project:
File menu > Save As → name it with an obvious name.

Create a label track with a label at the start of each song (

For the “song 1” project;
Select from the start of song 2 to the end of the project.
(Tip: click from just after the “song 2” label and drag to the label - a yellow “snap line” should appear when you are exactly lined up with the label, then “Shift + End” to extend the selection to the end of the project)
Extend to selection to all tracks, then delete (delete key).
File menu > Save As → name it with an obvious name.

Use Ctrl+Z as necessary to undo the steps above so you are back with the original project.

For the “song 2” project:
Similar to the “song 1” project, but select from the start of song 3 to the end, delete that, then select from the start of “song 2” to the start (Tip: Shift + Home) and delete the first song, then “Save As” with an obvious name.

And so on.

Thanks, Steve. I think this will work. And I do have plenty of space. I had thought about this approach, but wasn’t sure the CTRL-Z would work after the Delete. I’m in the first 20 minutes of the saving of “song 1” as an .aup file set. Working so far. I think I’ll overlap the selections a little because there’s chatter in between the songs and I’m not exactly sure whether that goes with the song on the left or the right. But I can figure that out when I’ve got all the songs made. Let’s see…32 songs at 20 minutes a piece. Hmmm…my weekend is shaping up. Tom

It’ll keep you out of trouble :wink:

Actually, the other songs are only taking a few minutes each. And the reload in between is taking much less time. Don’t know why. But the project is moving along nicely. Thanks again.