Creating multiple loops

Hi, I’m new to this forum and I have a question. I’m a drummer and I would like to create an MP3 with multiple loops so that I can practice sections of songs efficiently. More particularly, let’s say I’d like to practice the first 15 seconds of a song five times, then between 24-31 seconds five times, then the last 15 seconds five times (for example). In the end I’d like one MP3 file with those sections strung together.

I know how to load the file and export to MP3. I don’t know how to create the loops, duplicate them, and get rid of the sections I don’t need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

In Audacity, to repeat a section multiple times, select the part that you want to repeat, then apply the “Repeat” effect:

How do I delete sections in between?

Click on the track and drag along the track to select the section that you want to delete, then click the “Del” key on your keyboard.
For a general introduction to editing with Audacity, see here in the manual:

The manual is also included in the Audacity Help menu if you installed the recommended “installer” version from: