Creating mixes for mini discs and/or CD R

I’m new to this format. I’m on Windows 10 with 3000 songs in file manager. I’m trying to create continuous mixes (no breaks) of a collection of songs from file manager to mini disc and/or CD R. Could somebody point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I don’t think I made myself very clear. What I meant to say was while track 1 is playing, to bring in track 2 before/as track 1 fades out, then cue up track 3 to come in before track 2 finishes etc… Thanks.

I don’t know anything about MiniDiscs but I’ve done it with CDs…

Make one long crossfaded file.

You’ll need a burning application that supports Cue Sheets. I use ImgBurn

It’s a lot easier if you start with a known-good example and edit it. If you are on Windows you can use Windows Notepad. It needs to be “plain text”.

Not everything is required but of course you need the file name, the track numbers and the times.

It may also help if you have a CD R/W to practice with. :wink: