Creating Labels to aid the editing process.

Idea for a nyquist plug-in which I would help me with the editing process. Seeking ideas, advice, and any feedback on the idea. Here it is, basically I want to know when 1 or more track has sound at the same time, at any given tie

So I have podcast per se. Each person is recorded on their own track. The recording is about 120 minutes long. Most of the time, of course, one person is speaking. Inevitably, there are times when more than one person speaks at a given time. Since they are synced and in separate tracks, I separate the voices in time so that they are audible. Some I silence… because naturally they stop if they are interrupting… sometimes people tend to stutter when someone is speaking over them… etc. When I clean up th audio for this podcast, it is very time-consuming. Listening to all of it of course. I would love a plugin that can make a label at every instance when certain conditions are met. For example Like audinmesound in more then one track at a time.
And i can go in and listen to those instances individually.

Hope this was enough detail, excuse me if I wrote a book.
Thanks for reading! Goodbye!

I look forward to any feedback

—The best to all
Thanks Steve!


Yes that’s possible.

The main problem is that Nyquist plug-ins run on one track at a time, but fortunately there’s a special variable called SCRATCH which retains its value from one track to another. Thus the approach will be:

  1. Look for sounds above a specified level in the first selected track
  2. Store the start and end times of each “sound” on SCRATCH
  3. Look for sounds on the next track.
  4. If this is not the last selected track, add the start and end times to scratch
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the final selected track
  6. Look for sounds in the final track
  7. Read back the start / end times for all other tracks from scratch
  8. Process the start/end times to find those that overlap
  9. Output the result of step 8 as labels, or a message if no overlaps.

Tip: I’d suggest that you only consider mono tracks initially. Support for stereo tracks can be added later if required.

To get started with your new plug-in, take a look at the old “SilenceMarker.ny” plug-in:
Using the Nyquist documentation (See:, see if you can work out how it works, and if you can modify it to do “step 1” and “step 2” from the above list of steps.

Feel free to ask questions if you get stuck - specific questions are better than vague questions.