Creating Labels now have column of numbers running down the screen

Trying to create searchable tracks . Somewho created this column.
Now I cannot export multiple as I have column running down the screen.
During the export it stops at the column and restarts Track Numbers
How can I make it go away.
Wild Labels Drop Down  Screenshot 2021-08-04 200931.jpg

I wonder how you did that :confused:

To fix the problem, you will need to delete those labels.
To do that,

  1. Zoom in on the region where the column of labels are
  2. “Click” on the label track just before the first “bad” label
  3. “Shift + Click” on the label track just after the last “bad” label
  4. “Edit menu > Remove Special > Split delete”

(“Split delete” will delete the selected labels without affecting the position of labels beyond the selection. Split delete also works with audio.)