Creating Chain: batching files audio on on side to both

I have a ton of files that I need to convert from a files where audio is recorded on left side, but not right. So I need to duplicate the good side to create a full stereo track

What I’ve been doing is splitting the stereo into mono, deleting the blank side, add new stereo track, then copy pasting the single good track onto both sides of the new stereo track

I have a lot of files to do this with, is there an easy way to do this in batch using chains?

You understand that splitting, deleting and converting the remaining track to Mono will have that effect without all the rest of the steps? A full stereo track is not the only way to play to two sets of speakers and Mono has half the storage requirements.

Attached. Note it says “Mono” on the left of the graphic. This is a noise clip I generated. It’s a single blue wave, yet it plays to both left and right.

All these tricks are done with the drop-down menu to the left of the track and I’m not sure if managing those settings is covered in Chains.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 21.06.01.png

You can include a Nyquist prompt command in the chain to do this.
The “parameter” for the inserted Nyquist prompt effect is:

(aref track 0)

This copies the left side to both channels. Ensure that legacy syntax is NOT checked in the Nyquist prompt, otherwise use ‘s’ instead of ‘track’.


Or there is Steve’s Channel Mixer which gives some more flexibility.

You can read here about Nyquist effects and how to install them: