Creating Batch

Hello everyone,

What I want is a shortcut of audacity which has a code that I can drop any audio track on and puts the speed adjustment effect on it. (not the tempo effect)
A batchfile which I can put in the directory and output for all the files in that specific folder. (With the same effect)

Does anybody knows how to do this?

With kind regards.

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Batch processing support in Audacity is described in the manual here:


Thanks a ton!

It works… I’m so happy!

Thank you again! YES!!!

I did the chain option…

Only got a problem with it.

Audacity does not do all the files in the folder (mp3 / wav)

Even when I check the “all files”


Did you actually “select” all of the files?
Anything special about the ones that were missed? For example, are they all of a particular type/format?

I did select all and they are only wav’s and mp3’s…

it is a batch of 1424 files.

I also see that audacity skipped non capital files…
It’s still going on…
I will post more info when it’s ready!

This time I only did the wav’s

wav’s are ready. and audacity did them all.
the non capitals were done after the tracks with capitals…

on to the mp3’s

keep this thread posted…

any insight appreciated

Be careful if you have mp3’s and WAV’s with the same file name.
If you have a file: bladebla.mp3 and a file bladebla.wav and the chain tries to export them both, you will have a file name conflict - I’ve not tested but I’d not be surprised if the first one to be processed was overwritten by the second.

I’m butting in here with a question just out of curiosity: how would a chain handle the “File already exists, do you want to over-write” dialogue box that would occur when running under Windows and trying to save using a filename that is already present in the destination folder? My understanding (probably flawed) is that chains are built of unconditional logic only, or am I wrong?

Did you try it?
On Linux, files with the same name are overwritten without error or confirmation (which is probably more useful than stalling an unattended batch processing job). I presume that the behaviour is the same on other platforms.

Problem solved!

It halted on one certain file… the reason why is unknow to me, because when I did this file seperatly it worked flawlessly.
Any way…

I now have all my files exported to the desired file extension.

Thank you for you help.

Regards, R.

No! In my use of Audacity I have no need of chains. As I said, I was merely enquiring out of curiosity. Your answer is good enough to satisfy that curiosity.