Creating Audio File with Switchable Audio Tracks

In some video file formats, it’s possible to have multiple audio tracks that you can switch between (such as director commentary or dubbing tracks for different languages). I’d like to create an audio file that does the same thing. This leads me to two questions:

  1. Does such an audio file format exist?
  2. If so, how do I create one in Audacity?

Thanks in advance to the community for their help!

It is possible to create audio files with multiple audio channels (as is used by 7.1 surround), but I’ve never heard of any audio players that provide the ability to switch between channels (other than editing software such as Audacity).

I’m thinking of something like VLC, where I could put in a multi-track audio file and then switch between tracks just like I could for a multi-track video file, a la

For an audio player without this capability, one of the tracks would be the “default track” that would be the one that plays.

Well you could make a video file or DVD without the video stream (or just a still picture), but you can’t do that directly in Audacity - you would need to use a video editing app.