Creating a voice-only-version doesn't work

Hi everyone,

I have problems with creating a voice-only-version of a song via using the instrumental version. Which means, I imported the version with voice and the instrumental version, I exactly aligned the both tracks, I amplified both tracks to maximum amplitude, I inverted the Instrumental track, I selected both tracks and made “Mix & Render”. But the result is the opposite of what I want to have: The instrumentals are louder than before and that’s everything which changed. If I made some errors I don’t recognized, then please watch my video at where I screen-recorded that all. I have this problem not only with the song I used in the video, I have the same problem with every song.

Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance,

See . For your method to work the instrumentals must be identical in both tracks. They won’t be if you pulled arbitrary files from the internet. Lossy formats like MP3 won’t help.