Creating a single mono file

I imported an audio track into audacity. I see the left and right channel. I want to know how to blend the channels so that instead of seeing the left and right channel, I am seeing only one blended channel. Is this possible? So far, I have chosen split stereo to mono so now the left and right channel are mono. Not sure where to go from here.

What I am doing is creating my radio show. So far everything has been going great until I came across this audio file where the left and right channel’s are different as displayed by the audio waves.

I find it easier to work with one track instead of two. I will be adding vocals as well as other audio tracks to this file and then when I export, it will mix down to one single flac file, which is what I have been doing so far.

What I just did was export the attached file to a flac formatted file. When I opened it in Audacity it appears and sound like I want it to. Do I have to export/import everytime I want to do this or is there a way without having to go through this?
correct looking mono.png

Tracks menu > Stereo Track to Mono.

Thanks so much. I think I will be using this method instead of what I was using before. Now just so I get it right, When I select Stereo Track to mono, this is blending both left and right channels into a mono file right?

Spot on :wink:

What I was doing before was importing a stereo file selecting Split Stereo to mono, deleting either the left or right channel and then making the remaining channel mono. I would imagine the technique you mentioned is a much better way to accomplish what I am after?

At the moment, I am digitizing all of my LP’s and saving them as Flac files. Would I be better to save them using the Stereo to Mono feature in order to save space? Would I lose much in terms of audio?

As you say, doing that will save space. You will lose the “stereo” information and there is no way to get that back once it has gone. If you’re certain that you will not need a stereo version at some time in the future, then go ahead and convert to mono, but if there is a chance that you may want a stereo version at some time in the future, then keep the stereo version. It’s your choice.

Some stereo albums create a stunning sound stage with well spaced instruments and a great feeling of space (when played on good hi-fi kit).

An excellent example is the Sonny Rollins jazz album “The Bridge”

There are plenty of counter-examples e.g. the early Beatles stereo LPs - try listening to those on good headphones - the stereo sound-stage spread is rubbish (and I love The Beatles). These always sound better to me in mono.

Similarly a lot of earlier commercial transcriptions of pre-stereo singles where an artificial stereo spread is created - most of those sound rubbish and are much-improved in mono.


Thanks for that comment. Years ago I was really into the Audiophile thing. I had an Oracle Delphi turntable, $500 cartridge, etc… I gave that all up because it was way to expensive to maintain. Now after all these years, I use mainly my computers for audio. Sounds fine to me. I don’t really notice any difference when I save my albums in mono. Still sounds good and it is easier for me to extract songs for my radio show this way. I also use Linux instead of Macs which I used since 1988. A lot cheaper using Linux and way more fun!

By The Way, The Bridge is an awesome album. I love Sonny!!