Creating a Non-stop Audio CD.

Hello everybody,

Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place but this is my problem. I am using version 2.0.3. I wish to make an audio cd with 40-50 mixed songs. What I mean is that apart from the fact that there should be no time delay/gap between the songs, I also need the end of each song to fade away by mixing with the beginning of the next one so that I have non stop music. A friend of mine suggested audacity which I have been using for years but this is something I haven’t got the slightest idea about!
Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can do this with Audacity. You will need to import the songs and crossfade from one to the next using the Fade effects - see:

Then you have to decide do you just want one long track on the CD or do you need to be able to skip to individual songs. If the latter you will need the label the tracks and export a set of WAV files and then ensure that your CD burner supports “gapless burning”.

See this set of tutorials in the manual:

particularly this one:

Have a try first and then post back if you need more help - and welcome to the world of digital editing :sunglasses:


I also need the end of each song to fade away by mixing with the beginning of the next one so that I have non stop music.

Which tends to be fundamentally incompatible with Music CD song markers because cross-faded songs don’t have a clean stop and start. When I create an extended “Dance” CD (pretty much what you’re doing), I switch cleanly on an even phrase beat and avoid long, slow dissolves. Or if I do need a dissolve, the two songs become one on the CD. You can’t switch to the second song using the CD “skip forward” tools.

Fades and dissolves are rough to understand in both video and audio. I’ve heard dance mixes do switching, but they usually don’t give any thought to being artistically correct. You skip forward and the start point is in the middle of the fade which means you get a little tail of the old song in addition to the start of the new one. Can’t be helped. Music CD players do not have production tools. They were lucky to get the music on the silvery disk in the first place.

That’s not to say DJ production machines with two platters and a computer can’t be made to create a desirable dance experience, but they’re working with two “CDs” and each CD has the complete, intact song on it. The dissolve comes from the production machine, not the CD.


Here’s one smashed seg between two songs with roughly the same beat. No matter how the DJ does it they have to match phrasing and volume as well as beats to get away with it. Interrupt too many popular “hooks” and the audience may decide to stone the DJ.

It interrupts your relationship with your dance partner with whom you hope to extend the relationship.

That’s one reason songs that are designed for cross-fades have that long tail on them where they slowly peel off the rest of the music but leave the beat structure running. That’s so you don’t have to match two phrases, just one. Or sometimes not even that if both songs do it at both ends.