Creating a Loud and Clear Sound

I’m using windows 7 and I have just upgraded to Audacity 2.0.0.
It is a powerful program and I like it very much.
OK, my questions:
Right now I am recording electronic music using synthesizers and keyboards.
I have no problem recording the individual parts, but…
How do I create a mix-down that is a Loud, Clear, Full Dynamic Sound with Strong Deep Bass as I have heard by ‘Konstantinos’ (and others) on YouTube???
I’ve tried compression, leveling, limiting… and I just can’t seem to get that.
Also, Audacity’s maximum output level seems low to me… I’m running the output level right up to the top just before clipping.
Is there a way to increase this?

Johnny :sunglasses:

You want to turn it up to 11?

Note that Win 7 has “per application” volume controls.

Sound cards cannot play signals greater than 0 dB, so if you want to participate in the loudness war then you will need to crush as much sound as possible within the 0 dB limit.

You should post a link to the music you like. Then post a short segment of your finished but uncompressed mix.

You should know that you have seriously contradictory requirements. Loud, Clear is the opposite of Full Dynamic Sound. Full dynamic sound is what an orchestra does when it goes from one violin in the back row to everybody playing at once. You want heavily reduced dynamic range and careful range compression. I’m guessing.