Creating a group of mono tracks

I use Audacity v 2.1.2 on Windows 10. Working with mono tracks, I often have multiple tracks open in a project. How do I define a group of specific tracks so that when Sync-lock is activated, only those grouped tracks (say, the 3d & 4th of five, or the 5th and an associated label track) are grouped together?

This is especially important when using a label track to indicate sections of an associated audio track I want to delete. I don’t want to delete audio in tracks other than the target one.

I’ve read the manual section on Sync-Locked Track Groups, but it seems to concern only selecting previously-defined track groups rather than how to define a track group in the first place. What am I missing?


The label track differentiates the Sync-Locked Track Groups. The label Track is the only delimiter.

So if you want to define tracks 3 and 4 of five tracks, you need two label tracks, one between audio tracks 2 and 3 and the other between audio tracks 4 and 5.

Audio Tracks “1 and 2” and “5” are then also separate Track Groups. So delete only in one of Audio Tracks 3 or 4 to affect only those tracks.