Creating a Chain with Regular Interval Labels & 2x Volume

I know amplify adjusts the volume, but it has a slider, not a volume multiplier. I can’t find regular interval labels under edit chain either.

By “2 x volume” I presume that you mean “double the amplitude”.
To double the amplitude, amplify by +6 dB.

Chains do not currently support “Analyze” type plug-ins, only “Effect” plug-ins. Regular Interval Labels is an Analyze type plug-in.
It may be possible to work around this limitation if necessary. Why do you need Regular Interval Labels in a Chain?

Analzye effects are supported in Chains as per the top of assuming ribblle has at least Audacity 2.1.0.

Please see the pink panel at the top of the page for how to find your Audacity version number.

The current Audacity version is 2.1.1 ( ).


Oops, yes. I’d forgotten that had already been added :blush:

Thanks. How do i add export multiple to the chain?

That one I’m sure is not yet supported.

Thanks. I heard there’s more advanced scripting support, so how can i use that to script this? Or can you recommend a easier program to make this chain in?

You would have to compile Audacity for scripting support and then be able to program.

I gather you want to split large files into smaller equally sized files having applied +6 dB amplitude. Correct?

Are there other effects you want to apply?

What format are the original files in?


The original files are MP3’s. That’s all i want to do.

Try MP3DirectCut or similar direct MP3 editor. That way you won’t lose quality re-encoding the MP3’s as you would with Audacity.