creating 1 channel WAV

Hello, Please read below:

“You need to make sure Audacity is truly creating 1 channel WAV. Even though you selected Mono, it may be writing 2-channels, with 1 channel silenced.”

Does anyone know how I can make sure that this isn’t happening?!

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Where are you reading that exactly? What is the problem?

If you have a stereo track with two good left and right channels and you want to export it as mono, use Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono before you export.


Thanks Gale,

I am using Windows 7 on a 64 bit operating system
Version of Audacity I have is 2.1.0 obtained with .exe installer

I am trying to create a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) using Open DCP. I need to be importing two 1 channel wav files for the left and right in order to create an audio MXF file. There is a conversion failure when I do this and that is where I am coming from.
The administrator from Open DCP has suggested that even though I have selected “split stereo to mono”, Audacity may be writing 2 channels with one of the channels silenced…
I am wondering how I make sure the file is indeed only one channel?


If you have several separate timelines, make sure the one you want says “Mono.” Select it by clicking just above MUTE and File > Export Selected.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.12.51.png

Are you trying to make the two files for left and right into one mono file that contains a mix of left and right? If so you need to click in the name of the first track, “Make Stereo Track” then use Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.

The other problem is the MXF format. Are you trying to get Audacity to write that? Audacity cannot do that unless you install FFmpeg ( ) and use “Custom FFmpeg Export” when you export.

And it probably won’t work even if you do that - trying to do this with FFmpeg on its own (without Audacity), the messages seem to show that it requires a video file containing audio at 48000 Hz sample rate.