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Thought you peeps should know. Talking about the noise reduction plugin as an intro for my general audience. Not a detailed look just a preview but I started with Audacity as it is one of my favorite projects hands down. I will be doing more and will post them here also. I did the editing for the audio in audacity along with noise reduction and normalizing. The bumper song was done in Mixbus3 and Ardour 4 with a hint of touch up in audacity. Then the video was edited in lightworks 12.5 rc7 and screen cast was recorded with open broadcaster (OBS). Just want to give some love to this community and thank you for a great product. We are feel free to check us out we are a non-profit and we make movies. I use Audacity for alot of it will talk about that soon enough. :smiley:

Here is my first episode:

Open Minded Episode 1

I thought I recognized it.

I like the presentation and the formatting and voice work very well…for the old version of Audacity. Noise Removal is no longer offered in Audacity as of 2.1.0. Noise Removal has been swapped for the newer Noise Reduction. That was a terminology item you scrambled in the opening dialog of the video. They’re different.

Too many people expected Noise Removal to Remove Noise. To Zero. It would rarely do that. If you tried, you frequently damaged the performance. It’s one of the reasons that ACX AudioBook has a submission failure called “Overprocessing.”

Newer Noise Reduction works with spoken word much better than the older software. For one thing, it will reduce broad-band hiss enormously better than Removal ever could. You can do up to 18dB reduction before the quality of the speech starts to fall apart and you have to actually fix your microphone.

It’s very difficult to hear Noise Reduction doing its job and most important, ACX can’t find it.


This is one reason we don’t offer extended, detailed, polished videos in the Audacity help system.