Create "Stuttering" Vocal Effect

Does anyone know how to create that “stuttering” voice effect in Audacity commonly heard on many dance/trance tracks. I’ve read BT is one of the pioneers of using this effect and uses it often. You can hear a sample of it in the song “Force Of Gravity” (Ferry Corsten Remix).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

I think the basis of that effect is a very quick repetition of the beginning of a clip followed by the clip being played in full.

In order to mimic that effect you’ll have to make two tracks. The first will initially contain only the beginning of the clip (the first 100 milliseconds or so, I’d guess, but this value will vary quite a bit). Fade the last 9 milliseconds out (in order to avoid clicks) and then use the Repeat effect.

The second track will contain the clip in full and should be placed at the very end of the last copy of the “stutter”.

Audacity doesn’t have any function that will easily recreate this effect, though it does seem like it would be something that would be easy to write some Nyquist code for.