Create space and file rcovery

I was recording an audiobook and I received a message that Audacity did not have enough space. It froze in the middle of my recording and everytime I try to reopen Audacity to recover the unsaved file, it freezes (i.e., the beach ball spins around and I have to force quit). I removed some AUP files from my hard drive but I’m not sure if that’s what I need to do to free up space in Audacity so my question is; 1) how do I free up space so it doesn’t freeze again and 2) how do I access the unsaved files? I see them in the user>library>application support> audacity> session data, but how do I open them? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m in the middle of recording this project.

Windows guy here. If you are using Audacity, you should have at least 1GB, preferably much much more on your working drive. Do NOT use iCloud storage for your Audacity projects.

See and for some additional information from Apple.

In Audacity 2.4.2 and older versions, Audacity projects were saved in two parts: 1) a small project.aup file and 2) a much much larger project_data directory. So after you delete your obsolete project.aup file, be sure to delete your obsolete project_data folder as well. Note: in 3.0.0 and later versions, everything is contained in a single .aup3 file.

When Audacity first starts up, it checks for a previously unsaved project and asks you if you wish to recover it. It is possible that your unsaved project has already been damaged. Perhaps someone else will chime in…