create ring and alert tones for ipad 2

I have windows 7 64 bit and would like to know if I can create ringtones and alert tones with your program. I have several soundtracks that I bought from itunes and would like to record only a portion of it for an alert tone (ie using it for new email alert) and then install it on my ipad 2 ios ver 6.0. Is this possible and if so how.

Also do you have portable version of the software.

The problem is not to create the ring tone. Anybody with basic editing skills can do that, the problem is to overcome the phone’s natural insistence on selling you one. The import tools are either very well hidden or missing. Also, the Audacity export format is determined completely by the phone requirements. So you need to research your phone. That will determine everything else.

There are few live editing programs for portable devices because it’s rough to control – you don’t have 53 ctrl and alt keys at your disposal, and you rapidly get beyond the memory in the machine. MP3 songs are only tiny when they’re in MP3 form. When you edit them they go straight out to their original size. 30MB for a three min song.


see this tutorial from the manual: