create multiple silent segments in a track

I want to use audacity to create tracks to help learning music, chants and pronunciation. I have an audio track which constitutes one lesson. I want to insert silence into the track after every 5-7 seconds. To describe it better - when I hit ‘play’, the audio track runs for 5-7 seconds (or so). Am going to call this the learning segment. Immediately after this first learning segment, comes a silence than runs 6 -15 seconds. This is the practice segment. During this practice segment, the student can reproduce the 5 sec learning once or twice. And so if I can edit this lesson to include the learning and practice segments all through the track, that would be great. Actually, this simulates the real life teaching situation (of course, without the real-time teacher feedback). Thank you for this checking out my request!

What’s the starting point for this project? Have you started any of the recording yet?

Click at the end of each learning segment then do Generate > Silence. Enter the length of the silence then click OK. Repeat for each silent section.


Click at the end of the first learning segment. Do Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split. Use the Time Shift Tool to shift the audio to the right of the clip by the desired amount. Repeat with each succeeding silent section.

– Bill