Create many tracks from one long WAV file

I can create the first file of a long continuous 57 minute WAV file containing 6 songs ok, but I do not know how to move on to the second, third, etc. file so that I can have 6 separate tracks made of this one long file when finished.

You can place a label at the beginning of each segment that you want exported as a separate sound file (don’t forget the first one). Then File > Export Multiple.
There are hot keys to place labels.


I know I’m not doing a very good job in explaining my problem. Let me try again
I could care less about labels. I know the length of each of the 6 tracks that I want to create. I am having trouble in placing a marker at the length of the first track then placing a marker at the length of the second track, etc. until I have all 6 tracks marked. Once I know how to do this, I can take it from there.

“Markers” in Audacity are called “Labels”.
All about Labels and Label Tracks:

The easiest way to create a label at a specific point, is to click on the audio track at the point where you want the label, then press Ctrl+B. Optionally you can then type text into the label. After creating the label (and typing text if you did that), press ENTER to close the label text box.