Create label and place cursor at postition

I’m looking to figure out how to place a label while listening to a track for later editing.
Currently, I can listen to a track and place a label at a trouble spot by having a separate blank recording track running, and listening to the original track while recording. I can then place a label on the new track as it’s recording, however, the label feature has the annoying feature that when you create a label, the label begins a dialog for the name of the label, so the usual space-bar shortcut to stop doesn’t work UNTIL i’ve clicked on the recording track to shift focus off’ the label and onto the track, nor can i create a second label until i’ve shifted focus using the mouse click…
Is there a way to place a label at a point on a track while listening, without the label-creating shortcut, (in my case, control-m), shifting focus to the label, so i can create multiple labels as i’m listening to the track without stopping the recording? (other than refocusing with the mouse) -
Ideally, to place a label or marker of some kind while in playback mode would be best.

Turn that option off in “Preferences > Tracks Behaviors > Use dialog for the name of a new label”.

“Ctrl + M”, then “Enter”.
Optionally you can type label text before pressing “Enter”.

Oh gees… pfff … Thanks Steve