create dead air

I need to create dead air and then resume recording. I cannot figure how to start and have dead air recorded as to hold for future dub of an instrument. Also, I need to pause recording (record dead air) at a certain time into the recording for certain amount of measures and then resume pre recorded track. I hope I am explaining this clear enough to get help with this. thank you in advance.

version 2.1.2 obtained free direct download not a .zip

Does click the blue Pause button, click the red Record button, release Pause to start recording and depress Pause to pause recording help?

Also if you have stopped a recording you can select that track (by clicking above Mute/Solo) then hold SHIFT and click Record to resume recording at the end of that selected track.


I will give that a try later today. Thank you.

Hi all:

It’s been a while, which means that my radio program (twice a week) is operating flawlessly; I am most pleased to see the availability of your upgrade and am looking forward to trying it.

Question: How do I create a single piece of dead air (silence) in the waveform? I thought there was a button near the top of the main screen that accomplished this but I can’t find it. For example, if I were editing this paragraph and the reading sounded like the first two sentences were a single “run-on” sentence, how would I insert two seconds of dead air between the first two sentences?

In the past, I have been doing this by creating a second track of dead air, blocking a desired length of it, pressing CNTRL-C, placing the cursor between the two sentences on the waveform, and then pressing CNTRL-V. This is a bit cumbersome. I’m hoping there is an easier way. (If it makes any difference, I’m using Dell and HP desktops, and Windows 7).

Thanks in advance for your help. Best wishes, Lloyd (Yuma, AZ, 6/19/16)

I think you’re looking for Generate silence.
However your method of using a second track with a recording of the room-noise, (which is not total silence), could give a better result. Using Auadcity’s crossfade tracks should hide the join.