Create an audio file with track

I have used Audacity for a while and can get around in it for my purpose. My question is can an MP3 audio file be created with tracks that allow the listener to skip through the tracks? If so how and what action do they need to do in order to do this if they listen to the recording on their phone and/or computer?

Chapters ? …

The best-easiest solution is separate files for each chapter/section. (For example, if you download an MP3 album from Amazon each song is a separate file.)

Then each file can be [u]tagged[/u] with a track number. ANY player software can play the tracks in sequence or the listener can select a track. And each track can have it’s own title and other unique or common information. (The tag-fileds are intended for music so they have names like “Artist”, “Album”, “Title”.)

If you just want to edit metadata without editing the audio you can use [u]MP3Tag[/u] (or there are similar applications), but you will need separate files first.