crazy requirements - please help

I’ve got an issue that’s been dropped on me somewhat and I’m looking for a nudge in the right direction. I’ve been looking at Audacity to solve my problem but I think it only partly does it.

I need to take .wav files, then cut them together into a sequence - Audacity helps with that I think?
Then when I have the final single files, I need to be able to convert them into Intel Hex ROM format so I can load them onto a flash memory card? What is around to help me do this? I used to use an old copy of Voicepro 3 but it has ceased to work.

Can anyone give me the name or a program that can convert the wav files into the Intel Hex format?

Hope someone can help, not really an audio guy but I’ve had a google around and most programs seem to be fine for dealing with more modern formats, but not older ones.


Not sure what you mean by “cut them … into a sequence”. Do you mean “join them into a sequence” so that multiple files are concatenated (joined end to end) into one file?

“Intel Hex” is not an “audio format”, it is a “data format”.

The correct “audio format” depends on your application (the rest of your program).
Audacity can export in a number of audio formats. I’d guess that for embedding into a ROM you would want a low data rate format, possibly an 8 bit format such as A-Law PCM or u-Law, or a 4 bit format such as ADPCM.

See here for more information about formats supported by Audacity:

Audacity does not support “Intel Hex” format, so once you have the audio data in the correct “audio format” you will need to use some other application to convert the audio data into Intel Hex format (try searching Google for forums that are concerned with EEPROM / Microcontroller programming).

Thanks for your reply, yes, I meant joined in sequence, apologies for any confusion.

I’ll have a look for an alternate program for converting into a suitable format, the files are being loaded onto vehicles via EPROM cards.

Thanks again.