Crazy amounts of noise

I just dowloaded audacity version 2.0.6 I have windows 7. I imported an audio file so that I could slice it. When i listened to the play back there was an incredible amount of terrible noise (maybe like disortion) to the point where I could barely hear the person speaking. How can I get rid of this?

Can you open the file in Windows Media and is it OK there?


No it will not play in windows media. It says it encounters a problem. However, it will play in Quick time

You can get QuickTime to tell you what you have. Window > Show Movie Inspector.

You have an odd sound file and you may need to install the FFMpeg software to play it.
Scroll down.


Ok I’ll try that tomorrow

I have downloaded the ffmpeg software and it didnt make any difference

Run the file in QuickTime and get it to tell you the INFO. Post a screen grab of that INFO panel.


I dont know if this will help but here it is

Thank you. I’m not sure how you got that work, but it shows IMA as a compressed file type and the only one I could find is an uncompressed version (attached). Where did you get the file from?

16.000 KHz is just above the quality of AM radio, if that’s what it’s trying to tell us.

Some paid versions of QuickTime will let you do standards conversion and make a new one. File > Export (attached). Click the pictures if they don’t fit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 23.11.22.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 23.02.05.png

I got this file from a recorded seminar that used and app called “supernotes”. I wifi downloaded the file to my laptop because it was eveidently too big for email servers. Im wanting to email this file audio track to others so that is why Im trying to get it to a program and cut it in half.(I have already emailed files that are not quite as large with no problem). I can listen to it on Quicktime but no other program will play it. So, I tried to import it to audacity and that is where I’m getting super amounts of noise or reverb or whatever it is. You mentioned a paid versions of Quicktime might let me make the conversion but I would like to avoid this if possible. Are the attachments you last sent for a paid version of Quicktime? Please help if possible

Look for the options in your own QuickTime. I have both QuickTime 7 which, with proper infusion of money, had extensive translation and conversion tools. There was one option that would allow direct playback of MPEG2 (broadcast), which is most unusual. QuickTime 10 arrived sometime thereafter and was officially dubbed “QuickTime Player.” It had far fewer tricks in its goal to be a simple, accessible media player, but it might be able to do what you want.


I have just successfully imported an AIFF containing IMA4 into Audacity using FFmpeg, but be aware that by default Audacity will use its built-in importer for AIFF, which won’t understand IMA4.

Try File > Import > Audio…, then click in the “Files of type:” dropdown and choose “FFmpeg-compatible files”. That will force FFmpeg to import the file. Then select the file and click “Open”.

If that does not work, you can play the file in QuickTime and record it into Audacity.