Crashing when trying to import larger mp3 files

Hi, i’ve been unable to successfully import any audio files larger than about 200MB, since audacity reliably crashes while uploading said files. It usually seems to get through the entire upload process and only shuts down automatically when it apparently has fully imported. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.

Which version of Audacity?

Perhaps there is insufficient disk space for Audacity’s “temp” directory. The location of the temp directory can be seen in:
“Edit > Preferences > Directories” (

We should remember that a song inside Audacity is larger than outside. Audacity converts audio to a much higher quality so it doesn’t fall apart when you start adding effects, filters and corrections. It also saves the entire show as UNDO under some conditions, so even if you do manage to get the show opened with limited disk space, you may not be able to do much more than listen to it.

Audio (and video) stress a machine. It can’t wait and put stuff on hold while it figures out what to do. Everything is real time.


Sorry i’d overlooked the rules. It’s the version 2.3.0. Thanks, i’ll look into it and get back with my observations. If this is solved it’ll free up tons of GB’s!

There is an additional step in Windows. If your disk was full and had been used that way for some time, files are not posted as one single thing. They’re broken up into fragments depending on space available. The more fragments, the sloppier and slower the drive.

You can manually defragment.

As posted, Solid State Drives are a little different and may not need this.