I love audacity. it is critical to my sanity. It seems when I stop recording and press the recording button there is a latency issue or it crashes. please help as this is the only program i use.


Thanks, but we can’t diagnose anything from that. What version number of Audacity (see Help > About Audacity)? Did you build Audacity from our sources or is it a repository package? Which version of Linux? Are you using the pulse audio device? Did you capture a stack trace?

At a guess, if you are using pulse, it is probably this: .

If so, try just clicking lightly on Play or Record, not hold the button down, or use the keyboard shortcut instead (by default, SPACE for play and R for record).


Sorry about that.

I am using Ubuntu 13.10. Audacity v2.0.3 downloaded from the software center. The audio device I am using is an external mic through the USB, The keyboard shortcuts give the same result.

To try and better describe, after making an initial recording like, an introduction. pressing record results in a new track being created. this track doesnt record properly or crashes.


There is no general problem as you describe using the current Audacity 2.0.5 source code on Ubuntu 13.10 32-bit.

Are you using 13.10 64-bit?

What is the exact make and model number of the USB mic? Is it intended for Linux and if it has special Linux drivers do you have those installed?

Are you using 44100 Hz project rate?

Try turning off all three of these: Transport > Software Playthrough, Overdub and Sound Activated Recording. Does that help?

What is your “Audio to buffer” setting in Recording Preferences? Try the default 100 ms.

Does recording a second track using the built-in sound device crash?


Thank you so very much! It seems to be working brilliantly now.


Good :slight_smile:

So what was the problem? If you say what it was, it may help someone else.


I simply unchecked “software play through”