Crashes on Yosemite

I am using a Mid 2007 Mac running Yosemite 10.10.5 and Audacity2.1.1. There is no message it just crashes. I haven’t noticed any other problems.
Crashes only seem to be occurring when recording. I can leave the program open or use it to convert audio files without problems

I just noticed that when left open but not used Audacity becomes unresponsive and I must force quit it.

When you restart your Mac, does it take a really long time to give you the chong? How many apps do you keep open in the doc?


Did you look in /Applications/Utilities/ for any reports about Audacity there?

Right-click over Audacity and choose “Get Info”. Does it help if you check (tick) the box “Prevent App Nap”?


I have attached the console report. I tried with only Audacity open got the same results. (normally only iTunes and mail open)

I’ve attached a copy of the Audacity Crash report
Audacity_2015-12-09-105149_Pat-Joness-iMac.crash (50.1 KB)

Thanks for the crash report.

Does disabling App Nap help? And can you try the “2.1.2 RC1 (for testing)” version from If there is any fix to be made we need to make it in that current code. What would be the simplest way to reproduce the problem ?


I tried Prevent App Nap. Able to record 1 side of LP, crash happens when I lift tonearm (stopping input) I’m attaching the crash report
Audacity_2015-12-18-104943_-iMac.crash (46.7 KB)

I downloaded 2.1.2 RC1 (for testing) version and was able to record and save without any problem. No crash at end of side 1

Thanks. Please continue to test 2.1.2 RC1 if you can - with AppNap both on and off.


Thanks for the help. I’ve been using 2.1.2 (AppNap on and off) and things seem to be ok. I did encounter a minor problem when exporting files. I can’t paste the file name in the export window. For a slow typist this saves time. I don’t know if this is also a problem in the metadata editor, I’ve been using 2.1.1 to reopen the file and export. Thanks again.