[Crashes] 2.0.6 on OS/X 10.10.0

Gale suggested I post in a new thread the crash reports from some crashes I’ve had using that combination, which I didn’t realize was not actually supported – I don’t recall seeing a warning to that effect, which someone might want to take steps about (even if those steps are merely saying “look, doofus: the warning is right there”. :slight_smile:

A common thread in these crashes is that since it leaves the lockfile in the root of the temporary folder (in my case, not the boot folder, and one which is VFAT, rather than HFS+J, though I don’t think that’s necessarily pertinent), when it restarts, the application-modal spashscreen blocks your access to the necessary dialog to delete said lockfile, and the only solution is to Force Quit Audacity, and remove the lockfile manually, after which all is well. I infer that might be simply a fix of swapping a couple lines of code, but I have not married the code base, so of course I might be being optimistic.

I find that “the extension .diag is not allowed”.

Is there a standard protocol for uploading these?

It’s a text file, right?
If so, change the file extension to .txt

If you download Audacity from Audacity ® | Downloads it says clearly that the OS X support is 10.4 to 10.9.x.

If you look in the Release Notes 2.0.6 - Audacity Wiki it says at the top that 2.0.6 does not support Yosemite.


Audacity_2015-01-06-182204_Jays-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.txt (247 KB)
Well, I guess that’s sensible, yes.

Here are a few of the reports.
Audacity_2015-01-20-202015_Jays-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.txt (29.2 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-20-194441_Jays-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.txt (29.5 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-20-193116_Jays-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.txt (66.4 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-20-191853_Jays-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.txt (94.3 KB)

Four more
Audacity_2015-01-22-224402_Jays-MacBook-Pro.wakeups_resource.txt (243 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-22-223734_Jays-MacBook-Pro.txt (740 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-22-223222_Jays-MacBook-Pro.cpu_resource.txt (72.2 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-22-222617_Jays-MacBook-Pro.cpu_resource.txt (20.7 KB)

The Final Four
Audacity_2015-02-04-164840_Jays-MacBook-Pro.txt (730 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-23-164057_Jays-MacBook-Pro.cpu_resource.txt (185 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-23-155756_Jays-MacBook-Pro.txt (680 KB)
Audacity_2015-01-22-224811_Jays-MacBook-Pro.cpu_resource.txt (53.4 KB)

After 2.1.0 we’re intending to move the lockfile to the directory the audacity.cfg settings file is in.

The lockfile should not be left behind, and the way Audacity handles that (not letting you access Preferences as it suggests) is a bug - but it is a bug generally on at least OS X and Linux.

Where is your temp file exactly - have you changed its location?

Are there any crashes, hangs or force quits other than that? From the file names and looking at two of your files, those are not crash reports but hangs.


That was my whole collection; my temp folder is in the root of a volume on its own partition

What happens if you quit Audacity then create a “Portable Settings” folder where you’re running Audacity from? That should give Audacity fresh settings and put its temp folder in a standard location.

You can delete the “Portable Settings” folder to go back to your old settings.


“where you’re running Audacity from”.

I’m running it from the dock, but I’m sure that’s not what you meant…

I meant the physical folder where Audacity.app is in the file system (that folder is usually the “Audacity” folder inside /Applications).

The Dock is merely a shortcut to that physical folder.

The suggestion about adding a “Portable Settings” folder to that physical location containing Audacity.app was just a test which would enable you to keep your current Audacity settings.

If you are fine to lose any custom settings you have, and you have never installed an old 1.2 version of Audacity, you can just go ahead and delete ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/audacity.cfg.

Please see Audacity Manual if you need more explanation.


I’ll do that. I had installed it from the DMG, and (IIRC) just dragged it across to whatever shortcut is shipped in the DMG – that’s Audacity that does that, right?

If you mount the DMG then, inside the DMG, drag the Audacity icon to the shortcut for /Applications, that creates a folder for Audacity in /Applications.


Yup. That. :slight_smile: