CRASH with Brusfri vst

Dear Developer Team,

Audacity crashes when I load the “Brusfri” vst plugin.

Audacity Version: 2.4.2
OS: Win 10
Process: Load mp3 file, then “BrusFri” → try to play a part of audio to listen the noise → Crash

Plugin was disabled, and enabled, reinstalled, recopied, but it doesnt help. Crash report is attached.
Brusfri version is: 1.1.1


Thank you (87.8 KB)

Currently Audacity in Windows is 32-bit, so can only run (some*) 32-bit plugins,
even if the computer OS is 64-bit.

[* Not VST3 nor VSTi ]

BTW Audacity does have noise-reduction built-in …
https ://