Crash with 4 folders with original files, can't open


I’ve had an issue with Audacity a few years back that had it crash while I was recording/mixing and I thought my original files have been dumped but I am happy to find today! that a folder has remained intact and althought I had a Wet version, finding these originals is beyond ecstatic which means I can resume from scratch piecing together this captured gem, but herein lies the probelm, this folder has 4 folders and no Audacity file so they don’t open in sequence and what I’ve found I have is bits and pieces like a puzzle…

This is going to be a very long process to piece back together again as I’ve tried loading one folder only to find Audacity crashes when I try to play them.
I’ve manually been successful with 10 tracks but you know I’ll run out of space.

Is there a way to put these pieces back together again ( sounds like Humpty Dumpty) with a time saving method that you know of.

I haven’t seen anything on the sites thus far that allude to this issue, but if you know or could find out, please send me a link, that would be most appreciated, and I’m sure others would be interested in a time-saving process such as this.

Cheers, in advance for any effort on your part, ; r )

As you figured out, the job of the aup file is to put it all back together again. It’s the project manager. The process of creating a show from individual au snippets and fragments can sometimes be done, but maybe not from a very old show. Did you find that the snippets are organized left, right, left, right? Many people miss that one. You can go through by File Time Created and get the approximate order from that.

Back in the dark days, somebody did create a stand-alone program that would stitch these back together using pretty much the above concept.

Of course that would be too easy. Not all the AU files are sound, and if you damage one or two at the top, the rest of the show might be disorganized trash.


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