Crash when using Graphic EQ


since today, audacity always chrashes when I set something in the graphic EQ and want to apply it. I already tried a new install. Did not work.
How can I fix it or is there a workaround?

Thanks, love audacity but this makes me crazy!! :slight_smile:

Which version of Audacity? (Look in “Help menu > About Audacity”).

Hello, its 3.0.0

Try updating to the current Audacity 3.1.3 (available here:

Before installing the new version:

  1. Uninstall all versions of Audacity
  2. Delete the hidden folder *Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\audacity*
    (where is your Windows user name)

hello, thanks, but there is no hidden folder? which one do I have to delete?

There is:

and 4 data that are CFG or CML
(yes, i have enabled showing hidden folders)

thanks again

Sorry, I wanted to type:

“…and 4 data that are CFG or XML”

i managed it, and it worked!! thanks!