Crash to desktop if track collapsed.


I just downloaded the new release 2.3.1 of Audacity for Windows 10 Home version 1809.

These steps results in a crash to desktop:

  1. Record a stereo track.
  2. Collapse the track.
  3. Press the record button or Ctrl+R. Now CTD.

Upon restart I get the recovery dialog.

Back to 2.3.0 that don’t have this issue.

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Good catch Uffeg :sunglasses:

These steps crash 2.3.1 (and the latest 2.3.2 alpha test build) on my W10 laptop (ok on 2.3.0)

On macOS 1014.3 Mojave on my Macbook Pro I get thge “spinning beachball of deatth” and have to force quit - and OK with 2.3.0

So I’ll be logging this as a P1 fregression bug.



Done: Bug 2078 – Append recording into a collapsed track causes a crash

As a P1 regression it will be a must-fix for the 2.3.2 release.

Many thanks for reporting that Uffeg - and with such short precise steps to reproduce - much appreciated. :sunglasses:


As a workaround, you can drag the bottom edge of the track up to minimise the height, rather than using the “Collapse” button.