Crash on startup

hi i dont want to sound like an idiot but i will anyway lol
my audacity started crashing on startup. its either the plugins i added or its the 16gb of memory i added to my system.
i have wanted to try to fix it and i keep coming across these solutions that people write but i have no idea how to implement the solution.
how do i exactly fix this or try to? what do i do with these codes? thanks for any help in advance.

I started a fresh topic for this.

Were they Audio Unit or VST plug-ins that you added? You can follow the steps here:

to disable VST and / or Audio Units in Audacity.

This would mean you can’t run any Audio Units or VST in Audacity unless you can identify the ones you added that caused a problem and move them somewhere Audacity won’t look for them. The link above says where Audacity looks for Audio Units - here is where Audacity looks for VST effects:
Missing features - Audacity Support .

If Audacity still crashes after disabling Audio Units and VST effects, please attach a crash report (use “Upload attachment” underneath where you post messages). Here is how to find the crash report: .